Dear Jury,

My name is Asavari Bhardwaj and I am a woman of many talents owing to which I thought it would be best to have them all showcased at one place so that there are no friction points in your experience to view my application for PRmoment 30under30.

Welcome to my page! (that I have designed and created with the help of a few basic codes and of course WordPress) 🙂

As you shall scroll through the page, you will find the following:

  1. A music video of a spoof explaining why I should be on the 30under30 list
  2. A campaign blueprint explaining the various content vehicles I would use to do PR for PR (Digital first approach)
  3. Some of the exciting work that I have done on Oracle
  4. My client’s testimonial
  5. Last but not the least, my manager’s testimonial (who was featured in the very first PRmoment 30under30, so here’s hoping the legacy goes on)

So let’s start with the first one…

P.S. This is a spoof of the song “That don’t impress me much” by Shania Twain. In my version, it’s called “Does that impress you much”. Enjoy!

Written, sung, conceptualised and edited by your’s truly.


How would I do PR for PR…

Here’s a digital first campaign idea to do PR for PR. I have highlighted the various digital PR content tools that can be created to spread awareness about what PR, as a function, is all about.

PR FOR PR-2.png

Some of the Campaigns that I have worked on…

The client wanted to announce its new Blockchain offerings and we thought it would be cool to launch a one of a kind awareness campaign about Blockchain with the showstopper asset being a “Blockchain Jingle”.

The jingle was composed/produced, sung and conceptualised by me.

Here’s the video of the jingle for your reference:

Here’s a full report on how the campaign performed. I was responsible for the social media strategy (content development) and execution of this campaign.

#OracleCode is a global event series that was organised in India in April 2018. The ask by the client was that they needed to engage with the developer community on social media. So we took the game of Twitter Hangman to a whole new level and engaged with developers at the event digitally. And guess what? #OracleCode trended, organically! Here’s a report explaining the entire digital execution and how it performed.

**The two video reports have been created by me.

Client Testimonial

“We have worked with Asavari for a couple of years now. Asavari has been instrumental in conceptualising and executing some of the most successful social media campaigns for Oracle. Her work has been noticed, acknowledged and appreciated by the comms team as well as business stakeholders in Oracle. From strategic inputs to producing engaging and innovative content for social, it is safe to say that Asavari is a livewire. Over the years, we have seen her grow into a professional who brings both value and some really creative ideas to the table. She has a knack of handling pressure and we can see that in the way she has managed social for most of our key events. Huge credit goes to Asavari for having seeded excitement and enthusiasm among business stakeholders to get active on social – this is testament to her counsel, content ideation, content quality & relevance and execution. She has infectious enthusiasm, honesty, persuasion that makes her a star performer in our client servicing team. I’d like to applaud Asavari for her commitment and work on Oracle. She is truly our ‘social ninja’ from The PRactice. We really enjoy working with her and look forward to some amazing campaigns in the coming year.”

Vandana Shenoy
Director – Corporate Communications, Oracle India

Employer Testimonial

Asavari is a livewire. She is brimming with creative ideas. Hard-working, with a never-say-die attitude, Asavari is a multi-talented individual who adds a lot of value to everything she works on. She is a great team player and brings great positive energy to the team. She can lighten up the most serious conversations with her wisecracks!

Ritika Kar
Client Relationship Lead at The PRactice